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A psychedelic rock trio founded in 2001 by Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices). Brothers Todd Tobias and Tim Tobias complete the trio. Circus Devils has released 15 full length albums, each containing a unique theme and story-world. Order Circus Devils CDs and vinyl at ROCKATHON.

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SQUEEZE the NEEDLE cover image

SQUEEZE THE NEEDLE 2023 Circus Devils comes out of retirement for another funhouse romp full of rock and roll swagger and childlike glee.

circus devils LAUGHS LAST cover

LAUGHS LAST 2017 Circus Devils takes a breathless romp through multiple styles, creating an enjoyable listen from front to back. Filled with high humor and low drama.

circus devils STOMPING GROUNDS front cov

STOMPING GROUNDS 2015 A rock and roll sock in the jaw, STOMPING GROUNDS blasts off with the vocal bravado of Robert Pollard at full tilt. The album’s flipside detours into more psychedelic territory, offering a mixture of weird and pretty vignettes.

circus devils ESCAPE front cover

ESCAPE 2014 Circus Devils takes a break from brash psychedelic rock to gear down with a collection of acoustic ballads; friendly, lo-fi pop; and murky, otherworldly mood pieces, creating what might be described as a broadcast from a parallel world where the year is 1968 and 2068 at the same time.

when machines attack cover

WHEN MACHINES ATTACK 2013 Circus Devils brings you 19 sonic postcards from a probable future forecasting civilization's approaching doom and opportunities to cash in. Great listening for late night car trips, driving alone of course. Keep watching the skies!

my mind has seen the white trick FRONT C

MY MIND HAS SEEN THE WHITE TRICK 2013 Circus Devils stretch their musical muscles on this collection of subtly weird, thematically unrelated pieces, at times venturing into jazzier territory.


CAPSIZED! 2011 Hit the high seas with Capsized! Once again the band transcends musical genres with a strangely coherent blend of soft rock, aggresive stompers, creepy soundscapes and even a radio-friendly pop song (Cyclopean Runways). CAPSIZED! is a movie for the ears, taking the listener on a dark adventure with strange cargo, sirens, shipboard ghosts and bad soup.

motherskinny front cover

MOTHER SKINNY 2010 This time the devils run the gamut from ham-fisted, hard rock thumpers to freak-pop to pretty, ethereal numbers, all weaved together in a seamless song-collage. As always, the band is steadfast in their unpredictability. The material on Mother Skinny might be described as art rock made by cave men.


GRINGO 2009 Circus Devils goes acoustic! With a 1970's Morricone-esque, Southwestern flavor, Gringo is a song-cycle with moods ranging from jubilant to melancholy to mean, all wrapped in the trademark Circus Devils palette of exotic sounds.

ataxia cover JPG

ATAXIA 2008 H.P. Lovecraft meets Devo on ATAXIA, Circus Devils' collection of moonshine revelries and musical trips by torchlight into the mist-shrouded fields and forests of Ohio (aka: land of mystery). Robert Pollard and the Tobias brothers treat us to an intoxicating blend of jagged, insistent rock and uneasy lullabies.

discography page SGT. DISCO

SGT DISCO 2007 The double album released on Mike Patton's Ipecac label, this is Circus Devils' apotheosis. Shanties, throbbing gristle-esque loops and noises, stoner jams and mini-pop-operas all piled like vignettes and miniatures, creating an alternate music universe in which every song is a hit.


FIVE 2005 Perhaps the least accessible C.D. album of all. Like a deformed brother kept hidden away in the cellar, you may have difficulty tracking down this one. For the curious, there is beauty to be found along with the shocking.


PINBALL MARS 2004 A garage rock opera, including the laboratory built off the garage where substances are brewed. Join Pinball, Flush, Z and Eel on the streets of your town as they take a strange journey. See you inside.


THE HAROLD PIG MEMORIAL 2002 A concept album that chronicles the life of biker Harold Pig, as he is remembered by friends at his wake. Melodic, soulful, eerie, intense and gentle in turns.


RINGWORM INTERIORS 2001 The Circus Devils debut album is their most dangerous. Not for the sqeamish or anyone who likes their songs to go down easy.

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