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The I Razor soundtrack

comprises challenging,

playful, twisted, murky

and downright beautiful

pieces of music by Todd

Tobias and the

psychedelic rock trio

Circus Devils (featuring

vocals from Robert Pollard

(Guided By Voices) and

music by Todd Tobias and

brother Tim Tobias).  The album is a cinematic feast within itself, uncompromising, redemptive and always engaging. It weaves lo-fi keyboards through shimmering guitar textures, scatters unsettling rhythms across ethereal synthscapes, and unveils kaleidoscopic new treasures among its 30+ tracks with each listen. Told from the perspective of a former scientist turned wandering telepathic man-child, I Razor is the story of one man’s quest to regain his lost humanity.  I Razor presents its world in hallucinatory visions, reflecting the state of mind of its main character.  The story is told with minimal dialog and an open plot structure, relying instead on visuals and music to carry it’s narratives.

Artwork by David Crunelle.

Watch I RAZOR on YouTube.

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