A visionary chapter in Todd Tobias’

 ongoing exploration of rock’s

shadowy realms. Each track is named

after an imaginary city, from the

glistening exoticism of ‘Lamura’ via

the seething murk of ‘Gorgum Reeth’

and ‘Smazbaal’ to the eerie,

shimmering grandeur of ‘Akrova’,

Tobias’s musical universe is vividly

rendered, scary, beautiful and utterly immersive -

Artwork by David Crunelle.

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October 18, 2019


Vocal by Pat Moonchy/ Music by Todd Tobias

The follow up to Moonchy & Tobias' 2018

psychedelic debut, 'Atmosfere is a collection of

pretty, mellow songs all sung in Italian by Pat. 


March 2019

SAMSARA by The World Of Dust

Vocal by Stefan Breuer/ Music by Todd Tobias

A shadowy universe of forlorn beauty, this lo-fi bedroom pop experiment is shrouded in elemental imagery and laden with ennui. Intimate and wistful, Samsara mines a similarly rich emotive seam to Mount Eerie, Sparklehorse, Low and Pedro the Lion. 


The debut album from the duo of Italian vocalist

Moonchy and American musician Tobias is a darkly

playful psychedelic ride through ever-changing

musical landscapes.


Moonchy & Tobias front cover with Japane

November 2018


Vocal by Pat Moonchy/ Music by Todd Tobias




Musician Todd Tobias (USA) and vocalist Chloë March (England) have joined to create 'Amialluma'; an album that dances between the earthly and heavenly. Inspired by a mythical story outlined by Tobias, with each piece of music marking a chapter in the tale, vocalist March entered a process of improvisation and developed a lyrical world of word-invention sung into archaic lullabies. The theme centers around a child’s journey from the safety of its mother’s arms through an ancient, shadowy world. Overcoming fear and meeting with otherworldly guides, the child finds independence and reveals a deep connection with nature.

Amialluma cover.jpg

September 2018


Vocal by Chloe March/ Music by Todd Tobias