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Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy joins instrumentalist Todd Tobias on a playful, psychedelic ride through ever-changing musical landscapes. Moonchy & Tobias released their first album in 2018 on Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal.
Moonchy & Tobias WILD EYE jpeg SQUARE

WILD EYE 2022 Moonchy's shimmering vocals and Tobias' pulsing, tribal bedrock combine to conjure a series of nocturnal, unnerving and sometimes beautiful musical vignettes.

golem idea 4c JPEG

GOLEM 2022 A brash, high-energy romp through a psychedelic rock funhouse.

venus mirror front cover jpeg

VENUS MIRROR 2021 Luminous, soothing, and infused with a tropical sway.

m&t III cover no text

MOONCHY & TOBIAS III October 2020 Moonchy & Tobias' third album is an immersive soundtrack to uncanny dreams, soaked in melancholy and longing. Moonchy’s vocals, mostly sung in Latin, thread through Tobias' nocturnal atmospheres like smoke. As Moonchy explains, “When I sing in Latin it feels like discovering the details of ancient lives lost in time.”

Atmosfere NEW jpeg

ATMOSFERE October 2019 In contrast to their psychedelic 2018 self-titled debut, Atmosfere is more subdued and subtly intoxicating - a set of lilting, mellow and pretty songs, many featuring acoustic guitar, and all but the intro track sung in Italian by vocalist Pat Moonchy.

Moonchy & Tobias front cover with Japane

MOONCHY & TOBIAS November 2018 The self-titled debut from Moonchy & Tobias takes you on a darkly playful psychedelic ride through ever-changing musical landscapes. Vocals and wordless lyrics by Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy. Music by Todd Tobias.

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